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The illustration shows people of all kinds chatting happily with each other. Several people are sitting on chairs in a circle, including people in wheelchairs, with hijabs, with canes and different skin colors. They are younger and older people. Not every group is so diverse and different, but we want to show that everyone can find their place in self-help and that it makes sense and is good when people with different experiences and backgrounds learn from and with each other.

Talking alone doesn't help.

But together it does!

Self-help groups bring people together to talk about their worries and needs and support each other. The self-help office will be glad to assist you. 

More about the self-help office

How self-help works

That's why people meet in self-help groups

  • Putting into words what burdens and occupies you can provide relief. 
  • People in similar life situations bring empathy, comfort and courage to each other. And you can do the same! 
  • By exchanging and passing on personal experiences, people help each other. 
  • The results of the latest SHILD study on the subject prove the effectiveness of self-help! 

Find the right group for you

Illustration einer Verabredung zweier Personen in einem Café, die sich freundlich grüßen.
A woman with long black hair sits in a comfortable blue armchair against a red background. Behind her armchair is a plant. She is talking about herself.

Who is meeting up?

Groups being created

Currently, we have following groups being created, which are pleased to receive newcomers and recommendations:  

  • Self-help group for relatives of borderline patients
  • Self-help group on the subject of domestic violence
  • Self-help group for people with bipolar disorder
  • Self-help group for people after a heart attack
  • Self-help group for myeloproliferative neoplasia (MPN)
  • 47xxy-Klinefelter e. V. Group Heilbronn

All groups

Get in contact

Start your own group

Help for self-help

You want to get active and are looking for people who are in a similar life situation? The Selbsthilfebüro Heilbronn supports your new group with advice, information materials and public relations. 

Contact Selbsthilfebüro Heilbronn

Outside of Heilbronn

Illustration einer Person, die durch eine Tür in einen Raum tritt