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On the topic of self-help

Materials and link tips on various topics and tasks relating to self-help.

The individual categories

Young self-help

Tired of dealing with your problems on your own? Then look for other young adults who feel the same way! There are self-help groups for all kinds of topics.

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Digitalization in self-help

Digitalization in self-help is not about replacing face-to-face meetings, but rather supplementing them. For example, communication within the group or organizational tasks.

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Organize group meetings

Would you like to make your group meetings varied and “inject some new energy”? Or have you founded a new self-help group and need ideas about the process? We have put together tips and suggestions for organizing your group meetings.

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Rare diseases

People affected by rare diseases often cannot set up a regional self-help group because there are too few people affected in their region. The self-help office can also help with national networking and with setting up online group meetings.

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Financial self-help support

There are basically two types of funding: On the one hand, there is flat-rate funding across all types of health insurance funds, which finances regular and self-help-related tasks. And on the other hand, individual health insurance project funding, which specifically supports projects if they are limited in time and content.

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Generational change

A self-help group often depends on the personal commitment of the people who lead or organize this group. For example, if there is a change in leadership due to age or health reasons, this presents a major challenge for many groups.

The self-help office can help make this change a success.

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Legal issues

An important topic that should be addressed before it becomes relevant. Topics such as data protection, association law and insurance coverage are worth keeping an eye on.

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