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In the foreground you can see a man with white hair sitting on a chair with his back turned to you. In front of him, a woman with long blonde hair is sitting at a desk. There is a computer on the desk. The two people are in a consultation.

Surrounding contact points

in Heilbronn, BW and throughout Germany

The Heilbronn self-help office is the self-help contact point in the city and district of Heilbronn.

No matter which city or municipality you live in, you will find a contact point - organized by members of the Paritätisches, the statutory health insurance companies, district offices or other organizations.

Self-help consultancy in Heilbronn

Contact points in BW and Germany

In Heilbronn

Heilbronn Clinic

The Heilbronn Municipal Hospital has been working with several support associations and self-help groups for many years. The joint work is guided by the desire for comprehensive patient care throughout the entire hospital stay and beyond.


ZFP Weinsberg

The Weinsberg Center for Psychiatry (Klinikum am Weissenhof) is a specialist facility for the comprehensive treatment and care of mentally ill people in the Heilbronn-Franconia region. The clinic also offers a variety of self-help and family groups.

ZFP Weinsberg

Paritätischen Sozialdienste Heilbronn gGmbH

The Paritätischen Sozialdienste promote volunteerism and civic engagement in various areas, including self-help.


In Baden-Württemberg


Self-help network Neckar-​Odenwald

Self-help network Neckar-​Odenwald


District Office Health Department Hohenlohekreis

Contact point Hohenlohekreis


Self-help promotion AOK

AOK Ludwigsburg-Rems-Murr


Well-established contact point with over 150 self-help groups in the city and district of Karlsruhe.

Self-help office Karlsruhe

Nationally in BW and Germany

In Germany

NAKOS - National contact and information point for animating and supporting self-help groups

In the RED ADDRESS database you will find self-help support offers at the local and regional level as well as at the level of a federal state. These self-help contact points and self-help support points offer information and contacts to local self-help groups across disciplines, topics and providers.

To the red addresses at NAKOS

In Baden-Württemberg

In Baden-Württemberg there are currently 23 self-help contact points as their main task and 12 self-help contact points that carry out this work as a secondary task in addition to other activities.