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Generational change

in self-help

Are you having difficulty finding a suitable group successor for your self-help group? Or maybe you would like to get younger people to get involved in your self-help group? We have put together tips and suggestions on how the generational change can be successful.

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Focus: Generational change in self-help. NAKOS 2016

In the field of self-help groups, contact points and associations, getting older (in) self-help has been on the agenda for years now. In this context, it is not just problems with recruiting members or recruiting young talent and successors for management tasks that play a role...


Handout: How the change of board in the club succeeds

A working aid from the Paritätische Baden-Württemberg

This guide is intended to provide those responsible in associations - both large and small - with guidance on what should be considered and initiated as far in advance as possible when a change in the association's management body - the board - is imminent and individual or even all positions need to be filled.


Generational change. Search for young people in self-help.

Special issue from the AOK G+G Special series 12/2009

The health insurance company is very interested in a lively and effective self-help structure. The AOK has therefore been promoting self-help for health at federal, state and local levels for many years. In order for self-help organizations to continue to work successfully in the future, they need good concepts for recruiting young talent.


Generational change in self-help

Brochure from the Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Selbsthilfegruppen e.V.

Under the keywords generational change and generational change, various challenges are discussed in self-help: it's about recruiting members, finding successors for management tasks as well as new employees in self-help contact points or rejuvenating the team.


We support generational change

in your support group

A self-help group often depends on the personal commitment of the people who lead or organize this group. For example, if there is a change in leadership due to age or health reasons, this presents a major challenge for many groups.

The self-help office can help make this change a success.

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