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Spokesperson council of the self-help groups

The Spokesperson Council aims to ensure that self-help groups are recognized and included in their activities as part of civic engagement in the city and district of Heilbronn.
It is the external representative of all self-help groups and strengthens networking between the groups.

What the Spokesperson Council does

The Spokesperson Council is committed to the following tasks:

  • Strengthening self-help vis-à-vis politics, health care, institutions, the press and the public
  • Contact person, advisor and supporter for existing self-help groups in all matters where help and information is needed
  • Further development of a network to promote cohesion and the exchange of experience and information between self-help groups
  • Public relations work: planning and implementation of events together with the Heilbronn self-help office
Illustrationen einer diversen Personengruppe, die sich angeregt unterhält


You can reach the spokesperson council:
by e-mail to sprecherrat-selbsthilfe-heilbronn@gmx.net or 
by telephone on 07131 64939-50 (via the self-help office).


The spokesperson council of the self-help groups consists of:

  • Christof Bauer (Burnout-Selbsthilfe Heilbronn)
  • Uwe Keller (Selbsthilfegruppe Aphasie und Schlaganfall)
  • Eva-Maria Dannbacher-Frei (Frauenselbsthilfe Krebs Neckarsulm)
  • Karin Krüger (Dt. Parkinsonvereinigung, Regionalgruppe Heilbronn)
  • Volker Rudolph (AMSEL Kontaktgruppe Heilbronn)
  • Regina Schacke (Fibromyalgie-SHG Heilbronn)